Monday, February 12, 2018

Some YouTube EyeCandy

Isn't it a gorgeous day, daydreamers?  Of course it is!  And I'm not just saying that because my latest video uploaded in one try.  No.  Not I!

I haven't wrote on here as much as I've wanted.  I have images and videos scattered between multiple devices.  Not exactly true, but moving the storage is a pain due to electrical outlets. lol  Years ago, decades really,  I got very fast at typing on this massive ergonomic keyboard.  I love that keyboard.  LOVE it!  Unfortunately, it means I hate typing on anything else.  Texting isn't even worth mentioning.  I don't think I'll ever become fast on a phone. lol  So that's your tangent for the day.  Now on with the artsy stuff.  Yeah!

There's six or seven kaleidoscope videos uploaded on YouTube at this time.  I'll link them below.  Some have poetry on them, and some don't.  Two were created with Valentine's Day in mind.  Studies have shown that kaleidoscopes have a very calming effect on varying mental illnesses.  I think they can also be soothing to people with physical pain.  It doesn't stop the pain, but it is something rhythmic to focus on that let's the mind sort of calm down from the antsy state that pain can rev a person up to.  I, personally, think they give a person a chance to slow their mind down.  So I decided to start creating them at the end of last year when  was going through a particular rough patch myself. 

I believe that creativity is one of the best healing medicines out there.  No, it doesn't fix the disease or the broken bone, etc.  But it does heal the soul and the mind.  As long as we're able to keep our spirits up and our minds engaged and intact, we are able to move past many obstacles.   Not just by surviving, but by thriving in what we're capable of.

Art allows us to express issues that are wide and varied.  It lets us share a little piece of our soul with someone who needs it.  Whether it's through motivation, celebration, or a baring of our own trials and tribulations to engage and offer an empathetic hand to someone in a similar situation.  Creativity has always been about love for me.  I'm just getting back on that focus.

May your muse shine brightly!

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May your muse shine brightly!