About Me

About Me

Why hello!  I'm  Angelique, and I am a painter, designer, mixed media artist, poet, jewelry maker, crafter, and all around "creative conjurer".   I say "creative conjurer" because I'm inspired by just about everything around me, and I tend to look a bit like a faerie alchemist that got caught in the middle of a magic explosion.  If I'm not stained by paint or ink or I don't have glitter or some other sparkly bits stuck to me somewhere, then it must be some type of alternate universe because I'm constantly teased about wearing my supplies.

I love to create, and I believe that creativity heals and keeps our minds young and vibrant.  It has certainly helped me with the difficulties in my life, like living with an incurable disease and chronic pain.  I'm in my mid 40's and have pretty much dealt with some aspect of this my entire adult life.  So I have personal knowledge about how difficult it can be, but how rewarding and fulfilling it is to create.  I will always encourage someone to do so if they are having a difficult time.  It's some of why I'm so passionate about creating for others and trying to spread love and joy through inspiration and creativity.

I like to say "creative conjurer" because categorizing myself as  "a painter" or "a mixed media artist" is like ignoring other aspects of my creative self.  Basically, I really enjoy learning both in my creative world and out of it.  Being able to mix and mingle all those things is just a joy.  Being able to share with others and learn from them....that's magical.  Being able to brighten someone's day or touch their heart through something I created because I took the time to learn and then poured my heart into creating it...that's the stuff daydreams are made of.

In fact, why "From the Breath of Daydreams"?  Because daydreams keep us sane.  Daydreams are those little whispers whether we're a child or an adult, that give us hope, make us laugh, surround us with warmth, and feed our soul.  If it weren't for daydreams and creativity, I would have turned into a very different person.  I truly believe, with all of my heart and soul, that a little bit of kindness goes a very long way.  I'm able to show that I care through my creativity.  In that, I'm very blessed.

I'm a flighty, quirky, crazy nerd.  I love to laugh. I'll go gaga over something only the children are giggling at.  I love animals and nature.  In fact, my children have four legs, not two.  I reorganize my studio more often than I should admit.  I get very passionate about politics and other world issues.  My nose is often buried in a book.  I'm very introverted, and I just really find a lot of pleasure in trying to find something beautiful and brilliant about the day.

I tend to end my blog posts and videos saying something about hoping your muse shines brightly, or some other silly comment about what your muse may be doing.  I cannot express enough how strongly I mean that.  To know that another person is inspired, passionate, eager, and longing to create with every fiber of their being makes me want to squeal with joy while throwing out a hip trying to do the jitterbug.  I will be that 80 year woman wandering around with a mohawk of varying color, paint splattered across my features, and a grin on my face because my cat shared something funny with me.  So if that's your kind of crazy, then by all means, let's get to daydreaming and see how much brighter we can make this wonderful world we live in through creativity and love.

And, of course, may your muse shine brightly!

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May your muse shine brightly!