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I share many ideas, thoughts, projects, techniques, and designs on this site.  While they are meant to inspire you, I'd rather not see them submitted or published somewhere else under another person's name.  Please don't get me wrong, I want to inspire you and encourage you to use any techniques that I share with you.  But I share them for your personal use, education, and inspiration.  Unless noted otherwise, all content (which includes instructions, designs, poetry, and images) is Copyrighted by  Angelique M. Gentry 1986-2018.

Please understand, techniques are not something that I believe someone can "own".  If I share a technique with you, it's likely many other people know it as well, and if not they will because I've shared it.  I believe that knowledge should be shared in a creative environment.  However, it is how it's used.  For example, if I create a painting, piece of jewelry, sculpture, or even a card... I made it.  It's my design.  All the choices that were made to bring it into reality were made by me, which makes it my work.  I put my heart into what I do and have reasons for every decision I make.  It would be wrong for you to copy it and then claim that it was your idea.  If you want to be inspired by it and create something completely different, then please go ahead.  Just don't claim mine as yours.

Any stories, poetry, or even my blog posts are copyrighted.  You do not have permission to use my poetry in any manner without contacting me and getting permission first.  If you see a technique or tutorial that excites you and you want to share it, either put them in your own words or send the person to my blog to see it.  Please just don't try and pass the exact tutorial off as your own.

You're more than welcome to email me and ask if you're concerned about wanting to create something or use something of mine you've seen.  I think you might be surprised by just how open I am to such things.  This is all more about protecting myself, and less about being fanatical about my creativity.  I'm all about spreading the creative love and believe inspiration is all around us.  If I inspire you, then that is quite the compliment to me.
If you are wanting to use any content created by me for any purpose other than individual inspiration and learning, just contact me and ask permission and see what I say.  If you do actually read my blog, I think you'll agree that I'm pretty open about sharing and spreading the love of creativity.

Disclosure Statement:

This is a personal blog.  It's entirely written and edited by yours truly, Angelique G.  Any comment, review, personal opinion, or thoughts written here are mine and in no way, shape, or form reflect the opinions or views of any business that I associate with.

Being a freelance artist, I can create with whatever I want, and I do.  I will often talk about specific products that I prefer.  These are my own opinions.  If I create something on behalf of a company then I will share that.  However, I will always be honest in my review of that product, and I will not use products that I don't like or that I think performs badly.  I tend to share when I think products are "crap" because I don't want people to waste their money.  There's plenty of good products out there that there's no reason to waste time or resources on something sub-par.

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